About Dina

Dina Blot, Artist owner of Meadowbrook Arts, Crafts & Creations

I began my career as a certified florist, in the Netherlands in 1984. Soon I realised that making flower arrangements only couldn’t satisfy my artistic hunger, and I began to develop other skills in my spare time being different forms of Art. I started following courses to improve my skills and learn new ones: I took private mandala-painting classes from Miranda D’hont , one of the greatest mandala painters in my region in the South of the Netherlands; I attended several classes learning different crafts [making greeting cards, pergamano, embossing, lacé, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, paper Art, etc…. and also important : how to give workshops.

Then, during my quest to find a medium to make 3D mandalas, I connected with a liquid polymer sculptor in the Netherlands. I took the beginners courses, got addicted to working with that medium and took other courses for more experienced users and later wanted to share this with other artisans and people interested in working with this kind of medium. Experiencing all the abilities during more of a decade of working with this medium, I wanted to become a liquid polymer sculptor myself, especially as you can work with recycling materials. So when I took my knowledge and experience with me when I started planning an overseas move to Canada, I saw the potential of a new life as an Artisan…..

Emigration to PEI in 2010 gave me the opportunity to switch from being a professional florist into an Artistic jack of all trades. I am a Licensed liquid polymer sculpting Teacher & Trainer for the Maritimes, was awarded a Master Certificate and was able to introduce this technique in the Atlantic region. It gives great pleasure to pass on the knowledge of working with this particular medium to other people by giving workshops. I am now also taking my first steps working with polymer clay, giving more character to the figurines I make. I can also take the mandala painting to another level. The joy of gathering and getting in contact with kindred spirits seems to me a great way to meet new people and share new ideas. Giving workshops to groups of people [seniors, children, women’s groups etc…] are a tool to awaken the interest in Arts, no matter what age or background.

Speaking multiple languages makes it easy for me to communicate with interesting, artistic and creative people from all ages and from all over the globe.

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